August 14, 2009

Just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round.

Wow, these last few weeks have been busy, huh?

Cliff Lee, Pedro Martinez, all the training camp injuries, Michael Vick...arguably the most interesting (non-playoff) few weeks in my life as a Philly sports fan.

And I wrote nothing about it.

Well, you try following up a full-time, writing-based job with 1,000 words on the hot news of the day/week. It's not always that easy.

But here's what you do to get your hottest Steve Cimino scoop - contact me. Send me an email. It's like a real-life, interactive blog!

I'll still post on here periodically, but if you honestly find yourself saying, "I wonder what Steve Cimino thinks about this!", well....

Instant access!

P.S. I love Cliff Lee, I'm intrigued with Pedro Martinez and Michael Vick...sure, why not.

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