June 30, 2011

So long, Stinktown.

I came to Boston in September of 2004. It was arguably the most exciting time of my young life; I couldn't wait to start exploring this new city. But then the fucking Red Sox won the World Series and everyone became insufferable. Such is life.

Life in Beantown has been...interesting. I'd wholeheartedly recommend Boston University to people with hundreds of thousands of dollars to burn, but probably not to anyone else. Let's just say that Vincent Thomas Cimino and his little brother Rudiger won't be going to BU like their pop. Could I have gotten an equally excellent education -- and had as much fun -- for much, much cheaper at a school like Saint Joseph's? Probably, but don't tell Tom Cimino that. He'll start asking for his money back.

In the end, however, Boston has been a pretty darn good place to live. I've made a boatload of wonderful friends -- including phenoms like Ryan Caswell and Conor O'Shea -- and I've eaten a lot of chowder in big, delicious bread bowls. There's nothing like a small-ish city that's easy to navigate but still offers all the amenities of a major metropolis; I have a feeling I won't be walking home to Bethesda from any DC bars at 2 AM.

I'll miss the burritos at Boca Grande, the fancy beers at the Publick House and Deep Ellum, the crappiness of the White Horse Tavern, the beauty of 125 Saint Paul Street, the elegant Liev Schreiber canvas that now belongs to Jon Cifuentes, the near-perfect movie house that is the Coolidge Corner Theatre, the hellhole that we called home at 79 Brighton Avenue.

I don't know what I'll do without Saturday nights playing caps at Ryan Moore and Jon Hammer's apartment in the South End. I loved sleeping on the downstairs couch at 38 Cherry Street. Catherine Todd's house in Cape Cod was the backdrop for some of my favorite Boston-oriented memories; I'm excited to make the trip back up hopefully every summer until we all die. And, of course, TechTarget was a great place to be employed...if you're a guy that loves to wear shorts into the office and work from home twice a week. Which I very much am.

But it's time to move on. Clarence Clemons is dead and my heart is in pieces; there's no better time to pick up my life and start anew elsewhere. Rather than deal with fair-weather Bruins fans, I'm excited to battle off fair-weather Capitals fans. Basketball is irrelevant in DC, which is music to my ears. And the Redskins are perpetually shitty, so I won't have to worry about seeing another Super Bowl parade in a city other than my own.

Of course, kingmyno.com isn't going anywhere. And my Red Sox correspondent Dave Goldstein will continue to provide all the Boston baseball info that none of you clamor for.

But to everyone in Boston, so long and thanks for all the fish. And if you're ever in the DC area, hesitate to call.


Ryan said...

So according to your article, we can assume that the Nationals will win the World Series this year or next, right?

Dave Goldstein said...

Everyone wants my Sox. At least you mentioned me. So depressing that you're moving to DC before me.