August 16, 2011

Would you trade Domonic Brown for Logan Morrison?

Because I sure would.

And before I get bombarded with accusations of being a "Domonic Brown hater," let me lay out some facts.

Logan Morrison's about to turn 24 years old (he's nine days older than Brown). He hit .283/.390/.447 for the Marlins in 2010; he was hitting .249/.327/.464 before last weekend's surprise demotion. His career OPS is .810; Brown's is .699. And he followed up 2010's two homers with an unexpected 17 in 2011; there could be some sneaky power developing in Mr. Morrison's bat.

He started playing left field full-time this season -- the same job Brown is presumed to snag in 2012 -- and while LoMo's not the best defensive outfielder in the game, Dom's made more than a few gaffes himself out in the field.

Simply put, Logan Morrison's proven to be a very effective big league player. Dom Brown, albeit in less than half the at-bats, has not. If the Phillies recognize that striking now trumps planning for later -- and every move they've made recently indicates that they do -- swapping Brown for a smart hitter like LoMo would make sense.

It's all but a certainty that the Marlins will move Morrison in the offseason; he's too talented to stash in AAA, and he's seemingly burned too many bridges in Miami. Hell, you might be able to get him for less than Dom. But if the opportunity arises, Ruben Amaro Jr. would be foolish not to consider moving his top prospect in a one-for-one swap.

Morrison appears to come equipped with a fiery, outspoken attitude, which is often admired in Philadelphia. His love of Twitter has been well-documented, but he wisely doesn't seem nervous about taking those thoughts beyond the Internet. LoMo's fired a few (more than justified) shots at teammate Hanley Ramirez this season, even though it's not often wise to criticize the team's star (an issue that can apparently be resolved with a demotion to AAA).

Whether he was consciously trying to get out of town or merely commenting on a loafing teammate, that kind of honesty will get you somewhere in Philly. And with a bevy of veterans in the locker room, it's doubtful that LoMo would ever get out of hand. Chase Utley's dreamy-yet-icy stare would be enough to make any ballplayer put down his iPhone and get over to the cages.

If the response to Hunter Pence's outgoing personality and skilled hitting is any indication, Logan Morrison would fit in Philadelphia like a glove. Just another thing to think about when the calendar switches over to 2012.

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