September 17, 2012

Ain't that pretty at all.

It wasn't pretty. But it doesn't have to be.

These days, Philadelphia football fans aren't worrying much about stats, accolades, or even "looking consistently good out there."

Wins are what count, and the Eagles have two of them.

Michael Vick's continued shakiness? Forgotten (for now) after another fourth-quarter comeback. LeSean McCoy's second fumble of the year? Shady's track record (only 7 fumbles in four years) still inspires confidence.

Jason Kelce is out for quite a while, and if Jeremy Maclin plays, it'll be through some pain.

But victories are victories. Last year's team couldn't pull out close games. The 2011 Philadelphia Eagles didn't take late leads; they blew them.

So far, these guys look like battlers. Maybe we can thank veteran savvy or chemistry or another one of those oft-applied intangibles. Or maybe all the talent that came onboard the last two offseasons, especially on the defensive end of the ball, has finally settled in.

Rookies Brandon Boykin and Mychal Kendricks have looked terrific. This draft class could end up being the finest in recent Eagles history. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie might've been the best player on the field in Week 1. Asante who?

And DeMeco Ryans, well, he's just a dreamboat. An interception! A sack! Some tackles in the backfield! When was the last time an Eagles linebacker made one play, let alone three or four, that made you stand up and yelp? Paul Domowitch should check back in with his pessimistic anonymous scout sometime soon.

Perhaps it was wise to allow embattled defensive coordinator Juan Castillo a little time to simmer. Maybe a talented group of linebackers can learn to play in the now-famed wide-nine scheme. After beating up on lowly Cleveland, you could play the "wait and see" card. But with two straight gems in the books (fourth in yards allowed per game), I've seen enough. And I like it.

There's admittedly only so much praise you can heap on a team that's won two games by a total of two points. But there will also only be (after tonight) six 2-0 teams in the National Football League. And the Philadelphia Eagles are one of them.

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